Key Stage 3: Chemistry



The study of Chemistry at key stage 3 has been divided into 4 units, taught across Year 7 and 8, with  each unit further divided into teaching chapters with an overarching question or problem.


By selecting the teaching chapters from the options below, you can see the key scientific concepts that underpin the unit, as well as example questions that pupils can attempt by applying these ideas.


eg. It is possible to answer the question "Why will one substance be a solid but another a liquid at the same temperature?" by using the key ideas that all particles are attracted to one another, and particles will move faster the hotter they are, and some particles are more attractive than others.

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Images taken from the AQA specifications for GCSE Biology (8461), GCSE Chemistry (8462), GCSE Physics (8463), and Combined Science: Trilogy (8464) Apr 2016.