KS4 Homework


As well as trying your best in lesson with new learning, it is important to consolidate this at home.  This helps to embed what you have learned and encourages you to apply your learning to new and novel situations, just as you will have to in your exams and wider life.


You are encouraged to use the knowledge organisers and wider knowledge package alongside your notes and own knowledge to complete the homework assignments.  Full details of what is due for completion and when to submit it will be provided by your teachers.



One part of your assigned homework will be to complete a minimum of 4 Daily goals on your Tassomai account each week.


This can be done on either on the App or on the website (HERE).



Homework Booklets


The second part of your homework will be from one of the Homework Booklets that have been specifically created by the Science department to support and challenge you on the core concepts of each lesson and teaching unit.  The questions the contain are standard demand, so would be expected in both Foundation and Higher tier exams (excluding those topics designated as Higher only).


Select the homework booklet you require from the lists below, and it will open in a new window.

The booklets are protected, so you'll only be able to write in the text boxes; these are standard sizes based on the expected amount needed for the marks available, but you can make the font smaller if you find your answer doesn't fit.


Trilogy & Foundation pupils

Just remember that these contain assignments for the whole syllabus, but the Higher and Separate sciences content is clearly indicated.

Scientific Skills Homeworks 


  1. Scientific Skills

Required Practical Homeworks 


  1. Paper 1 Practicals
  2. Paper 2 Practicals
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Physics Symobl
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Images taken from the AQA specifications for GCSE Biology (8461), GCSE Chemistry (8462), GCSE Physics (8463), and Combined Science: Trilogy (8464) Apr 2016.