KS4 Physics



The resources available on this page will help to support you in your studies of the AQA Physics GCSE (8463) and Physics topics of the AQA Trilogy GCSE (8464).


Where an item is stated as Physics only, this does not appear on the Trilogy specification.


Even the most diligent pupil will find that from time to time they miss a lesson for any number of reasons; be it illness, trips, assisting around the school etc., or you may simply want something that you can refer back to after lessons, or before starting new topics.


It is by no means essential, but has been something previous year's have found useful.  Should you wish to purchase a copy of the text book, the details are stated below.


Title: AQA GCSE Physics 3rd Edition

Author: Jim Breithaupt

Publisher: Oxford University Press

ISBN: 978-0-19-835939-5


Physics Symobl
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Images taken from the AQA specifications for GCSE Biology (8461), GCSE Chemistry (8462), GCSE Physics (8463), and Combined Science: Trilogy (8464) Apr 2016.