KS4 Physics Equations



The resources available on this page will help to support you in your studies of the AQA Physics GCSE (8463) and Physics topics of the AQA Trilogy GCSE (8464).


Where an item is stated as Physics only, this does not appear on the Trilogy specification.

The thought of the equations in Physics is probably the aspect that causes the most concern to pupils, and honestly, its nothing to worry about.


The documents below provide all of the equations you’ll need to know and use through the Physics GCSE.

The equations which have an H next to them are only applicable for those studying the higher tier.

The equations shaded in pale blue are only applicable for those studying the Physics GCSE.

Recall Equations:

These are the equations that you will learn and are expected to remember and use.  Don’t panic; you’ll always be given the variables in alphabetical order (although without numbers): eg. State the equation that links Kinetic energy, Mass, and Velocity.

Apply Equations:

These are the equations that you’ll be given as an insert in your exam paper.  You’ll be directed to use these when needed, but you will have to be able to pick the one you need and use it to answer the question.


For those of you who would like a bit of extra support with the equations, there is a fantastic app called 23 Equations that can be downloaded from the Apple App store, Google Play store, or Microsoft App store.


This has been very well received by pupils over the past few years, and the best part – it’s free!


For more information, take a look at the website by CLICKING HERE.

Physics Symobl
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Images taken from the AQA specifications for GCSE Biology (8461), GCSE Chemistry (8462), GCSE Physics (8463), and Combined Science: Trilogy (8464) Apr 2016.